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Bulletin (EN)

Visualization, monitoring, reporting and alarming of unexpected issues.

img_1ProfiView is a software for visualization of processes (e.g. production process or machine performance etc.). It communicates with external device (like e.g. PLC) to receive information about the process and then will display the process as graphical or textual information on the screen

ProfiView has modular architecture. This allows configuration for each and every application. Configuration it self defines the design and logic of the visualization. Configuration is so easy, that it can be configured by anybody.

ProfiView - Roadmap

Support Linux

MODBUS protocol

Support PLC of other suppliers

Support MODBUS

Server - client architecture (more clients can monitor one process in parallel)

Animated graphical objects

Mobile client support (for smart phones)


FREE Demo download


Profiview ver 1.7 - shareware


Multi OS software, tested for Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, RedHat

Supports connection to PLC via RS232 cable

Supports remote connection via modem

Supports OMRON PLC - another PLCs are in preparation

Generates alarms and reports

Possible to integrate your own PLC handler (communication module) - only for software developers

One installation can work with more projects (more applications)

Supports following languages: English, German, Czech


ProfiView is distributed by MAXPRO s.r.o.

Tel: +420 571 416 325
Fax: +420 571 415 387